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Day 01 full schedule

19th September, 2024


Registration and Networking

Attendees arrive, register, and network over light refreshments

Opening Ceremony & Opening Note

Dr. R. L. Bhatia

Farmer; Founder World CSR Day, Founder World Sustainability

Keynote Address

"Embracing AI for HR Transformation"

how AI can revolutionize various HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, and workforce planning.
Highlight specific AI-powered tools and technologies that can automate repetitive tasks, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making in HR.
Provide examples of organizations that have successfully implemented AI in HR processes and the benefits they have achieved, such as cost savings, time efficiency, and better candidate matches.

Panel Discussion

Topic : "Navigating the AI-Powered Workforce"

Panelists discuss the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI into HR processes to shape the future workforce.

Keynote Address

"The Role of HR Leadership"

How should HR leaders adapt their skills and competencies to lead digital transformation initiatives?

What are the key leadership qualities needed to navigate the complexities of AI and digital HR transformation?

Refreshment Tea Break

Panel Discussion

Topic : "Ethical AI and Diversity & Inclusion"

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to permeate various aspects of society, including the workplace, ensuring its ethical use and promoting diversity and inclusion are paramount. This panel discussion convenes experts to examine the intersection of AI ethics and diversity & inclusion (D&I) initiatives within organizations. From mitigating bias in AI algorithms to fostering inclusive AI development processes, the panel will explore challenges, best practices, and innovative approaches for leveraging AI ethically to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Panel Discussion

Topic : "Transforming Talent Acquisition with AI"

Panelists share insights on leveraging AI to streamline talent acquisition processes, enhance candidate experience, and recruit top talent.

Panel Discussion

Topic : "Employee Well-Being and Work-Life Balance"

In today's fast-paced and competitive work environment, employee well-being and work-life balance have become increasingly important considerations for organizations striving to attract and retain top talent. This panel discussion brings together industry experts to explore the critical role of employee well-being initiatives in fostering a healthy, engaged, and productive workforce. From promoting mental and physical health to implementing flexible work arrangements

Networking Lunch Break

Panel Discussion

Topic : "Enhancing Employee Experience through Digital HR"

Discussion on how digital HR solutions and AI technologies can improve employee experience, engagement, and productivity.

Panel Discussion

Topic : "Unlocking Human Potential: Innovations in AI and Digital HR"

Define AI and digital HR technologies and their relevance in the modern workplace.

Experts explore innovative ways AI is revolutionizing learning and development initiatives to upskill employees and foster continuous growth.

Examine how AI and digital HR enable personalized learning experiences tailored to individual employee needs and preferences.

Showcase adaptive learning algorithms and recommendation systems that optimize skill development and career progression.

Tea Break

Panel Discussion

Topic : "Overcoming Challenges in AI Implementation"

Panelists share real-world experiences and best practices for overcoming common challenges in AI implementation, such as data privacy, bias, and change management.

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